Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Hair clip Holder/Aufbewahrung für Haarspangen-House/haus

Since less than 2 years I have a little girl, before I only knew the "boys world" what is a bit different from "girls world".
The hair clips from my daughter were getting out of control and getting lost all over the house, so I imagine all others mothers having the same problem as me!
I decided to sew a hairclip holder. This beautifull cottage is the perfect solution for little girls to display and organize their hair accessories. Not only is it a great way to keep hairclips together, it also helps to pretty up their room.
This cottage is made out of canvas, tilda´s fabric, ribbons and embroidered. With the 36 cm long ribbon you can organize around 20-25 hairclips.
Length- 30cm
Wide- 20cm

Am 36cm langen Band lassen sich ca. 20 bis 25 Haarspangen anbringen. Schöner und eleganter kann keine Ordnung gehalten werden. Mit viel Liebe zum Detail von Petite Numi.
Länge: 30cm
Breite: 20cm

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